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    Get insight in the cost price of every product, in less than 5 minutes

    WTP is a tool with which purchasers can get a quick overview of the cost price of a product

    and the elements that define the cost price by entering a few product characteristics

    Evolution in purchasing

See it in action

How do I test WTP


Request a trial account and gain experience with the program without any obligations. Send a message to service@whatstheprice.nl and receive a login for the trial version.


The system contains almost 550 commodities. The prices are updated every month.

What's in it for me

WTP is here to help purchasers
Everyone has the right to pay an honest price. A price is determined by power, timing and information. At any desired moment WTP gives you access to the most important information in a negotiation: the current (commodity) cost price of an item. This insight offers the purchaser the possibility to get a better deal. Furthermore, WTP ensures that an achieved price develops in the right way in the future.
WTP delivers in a simple way new, reliable insights
  • Insight in the commodity price at this moment
  • Insight in the margin of the producer
  • Insight in the price developments
  • Insight in the elements that define the cost price
  • A chance to simulate ingredients
  • Comparison of exchange rates
Every simulation you make in WTP, yields something. The produced information is always relevant: what is the current price of a product, what was the price last year, how have commodities developed, what elements are defining within the cost price, what surcharges are used by the supplier, etc. The negotiation position that a purchaser reaches by working with WTP is extremely solid. Experience shows that a simulation almost consistently leads to a cost reduction.

How does WTP work: 6 steps to clarity

Why to choose us

Use the 'Create Product' button to add a new product and start the commodity price wizard, or use the 'Import Product' button to import 1 or more products from an Excel file


WTP is extremely suitable for wholesalers, where purchasers have to maintain a wide range of products. But WTP is also interesting for production companies and service providers with facility management. A few examples of our current clientele.

Who is behind WTP


Zwartwit foto gezicht Robert

Robert Driessen

Director Fair Prices
JP-Plieger Hoofd ZW

Jan-Paul Plieger

Chief Commodity Picker
zwartwit foto gezicht-Nico

Nico Bontenbal

Manager Evolution Affairs


Jan Valkhof



WTP strives to a collaboration based on trust, with a lot of room for creativity and enterprise. Therefore within WTP, the following principles are key:

1. Innovation
2. Honesty
3. A deal is a deal
4. Humor
5. Taking responsibility

5% of the year profit of WTP is donated to charity.